Jocurile Xbox 360 pe iPhone ?

Monday, March 15, 2010 1:35
Posted in category Stiri

On Monday, Novell will demonstrate new technology that will allow Microsoft Xbox 360 games to be translated into iPhone apps. It also has the capability to be used to create Android games, potentially taking some Xbox games to the mobile masses.

Novell, a Microsoft frenemy, is making it possible for you to play Xbox games on other devices now, while Microsoft, which created the platform, will leave you waiting for Windows Phone 7 handsets, due late this year. For whatever reason, Microsoft has chosen to be less than aggressive in supporting two extremely popular smartphone platforms despite obvious consumer demand.

Deci luni sa fim pe faza! Novell ne va arata cum putem sa ne jucam jocurile de pe consolele xbox360 pe iPhone.

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